Build Over Surveys

Call us now to arrange one of our fully trained authorised engineers to carry out your build over CCTV survey.

On the 1st October, the local water authorities took over the ownership of all shared public sewers. If you are proposing building a conservatory or an extension to your property and it is to be built over or within 3 metres of a public shared sewer you will need the persmission of the local authority.

At Flowrite Drainage we can carry out your survey and supply you with the two details reports and DVD foorage of the survey. All surveys are carried out to WRc manual sewer condition classification 5th edition.




CCTV Drain Surveys

The use of a drain CCTV survey allows the engineer to pin point blockages and structural defects. It can help to identify broken, cracked or collapsed drains, three root intrusion and the build-up of fats or silt. They are a low cost effective way of locating your drain problem.

Here at Flowrite Drainage we can carry out a drain survey to find the cause of your blocked drain with absolutely no disruption or mess to you.

Using the very best and up to date equipment which supplies you with a full Wrc standard report with photo and DVD evidence of the survey.